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  After 2 weeks of usage, you should see smoother skin and a more even complexion.

​Alcohol-based hand sanitizer are very effective at killing most of the microorganisms. It does not replace washing your hands and forearms with soap and water. Spray the sanitizer on palm and back of your hands.

Deep-pore cleansing and mild exfoliation. This Cleanser Foam contains Mandelic Acid which offers exfoliation properties  It has a strong anti-bacterial activity and is lipid soluble. allows penetration into the pores for a deep cleansing action and makes the Mandelic Cleanser Foam perfect for oily and problem skin. 
It is also perfect for Men to use after shaving against ingrown hair. 

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Our unique  Moisturizing Cream is a m combining the anti-inflammatory effect of Aloe Vera with the water retaining capacity of Hyaluronic Acid and Na PCA.  Arabinogalactan significantly reduces Trans-Epidermal Water Loss 

Comes in Airless Pump for Product Protection 

Easy Go is a special formulation with the peptideChromabright. EasyGo prevents ingrown hair, reduces bumps and lightens darker parts of your skin, particularly in those sensitive areas. It is for Women and Men and should be applied after shaving or waxing.